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Colored and stamped concrete is an ideal pool deck surface, combining the attributes of beauty, durability, and low maintenance. Stamped concrete pool decks give you a vast array of decorative options not possible with other pool deck materials. You can choose from many different stone, brick, and tile patterns and even wood-grained textures. Using stains, powdered pigments and antiquing agents, contractors can color your pool deck to look identical to natural stone or customize the color to complement your home and landscape. 

What color would you choose to accent your pool area?

Design ideas:

  • If your concrete pool deck is exposed to the hot sun all day, you can keep the surface cooler by coloring the concrete with lighter shades, such as sand, coral or pearly white tones.

  • Avoid using stamp patterns with deep grout lines or rough surface textures, which can allow water to collect and be uncomfortable to walk on in bare feet.

  • Set off your pool deck and add decorative interest by installing a pool border, or coping, in a contrasting color and pattern. Options include broom-finished concrete, limestone, concrete tile, and hand-scored concrete.

  • Terrace the levels of your stamped concrete pool deck to provide separate zones for lounging and recreation.

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